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Broadcast Solution Request

Hello everyone!

This is what i got in mind: Since we know that we can put more than one sound 
card (device) in one computer, and each RS (radio station) that we broadcast 
through a server has a domain name (example: http://dr.radio.com:xxxx), i 
though to set up a server with at least 4-5 sound cards and broadcast 4-5 RS 
using one ip address and each RS with a different domain name.
For example:
- http://dr.radio.com:8001
- http://dr.radio.com:8002
- http://dr.radio.com:8003
- http://dr.radio.com:8004
- http://dr.radio.com:8005

Here are my questions:
- Is it possible to broadcast more than one radio stations from one server 
using one ip address?
- Will it be a problem for you to receive each one of these RS signal there?

In case it's not possible, what can i do to make it happend?

Best regards,

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