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Re: Fwd: [reiserfs-list] Viability of Open Source Business Models

http://www.everythinglinux.com.au sells 'debian donation' items at $1.00 a
piece. Each one sold results in AUD1 being donated to debian. This is a
great idea, although I don't know how well it would scale in terms of sites
offering this 'service' and projects supported. In the mean time debian may
want to say set up and advertise a paypal account or equivalent and/or
publish bank account details for wire transfer. Actually I just read a bunch
of reasons why not to use paypal so scratch that. Also a wish list of
hardware, etc. would probably be useful.

One thing that could be good for debian (aside from minimising the number of
'required' discs by marking all bar 1 'extra', 'optional', 'supplementary',
etc. so as burnt/pressed cd's aren't triple the price of other distros) is
to sell a boxed product to stores w/ 'donation' included (say $10 for
packaging, $10 for debian and the rest for the reseller). Then you price it
at, say, 1/6 of windows - ie AUD50 so as the reseller makes as much at 60%
of AUD50 as they would selling linux as they would selling windows at 10% of

Anyway this is getting off topic

 - samj

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