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Sales site in the Netherlands

If you are available to setup a sales site in the Netherlands then please 
contact me privately ASAP via email or phone on 020-684-3547 or 06-1867-5635.

Speaking Dutch isn't required but is a big advantage.

The work is for a multinational (so if you are associated with a consulting 
company then I recommend getting them to pimp for you).

The server isn't necessarily going to be Debian (but I'll try ;).

The site involves SSL web server, database back end, and the usual 
interactive scripts for asking people what they want and how to pay for it.

The items being sold will be subscription based and there will be options for 
various additions to the base service.  Total number of options will be small 
(<5).  If you really know what you're doing and there were no complications 
(such as discussions on how to format data etc) then you could do it in a 
day.  However there will always be changes to feature lists etc so the thing 
to do is to quote an hourly rate and give an estimate of how much work it 
might take for various possibilities.

Call me for more details.

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