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Re: consulting rates

	Running as an indep consultant through my own LLC I generally
charge from $75-150 depending on the nature of the work. Typically towards
the low end if it's merely system administration and towards the high end
when it's more network administrative related. I've found these rates
to be generally acceptable as the going rate where I've been doing work
and haven't been told I'm charging too much for the quality of said work.

	Jeremy T. Bouse, CCNA
	UnderGrid Network Services, LLC

Matt Kraai was said to been seen saying:
> Howdy,
> I'm interviewing for a job as an on-call machine troubleshooter.
> That is, if the machine goes down I'll drop what I'm doing and go
> fix it.  I was hoping that someone on this list could give me an
> idea of how much the typical pay scale is for this type of work.
> Specifically, what is the on-call rate, and what is the rate when
> such a problem actually occurs.
> Matt

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