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Re: Looking for commercial consulting in the EU or world-wide

On Mon, 31 Jul 2000, juergen lueters wrote:

> If there is no global supoort organisation, why not doing something.
> In the builduing industry here in Germany smaller companies are cooperating
> in order to run big projects. The call that "Arbeitsgemeinschaften". 

Good idea.

> What do we need:
> Central phone number with takes all incoming calls.

I'll gladly develop a telephony application to route support/sales
calls and provide info.  Not sure I could afford an international toll
free number and the lines that this would take, but the phone system
is a no-brainer.  There are some services like this in existence,
although I can't recall the websites at the moment.  They basically
take a customer's phone number over the web or telephone, and the
specific contractor or type of work they need done, and then hang up.
the system then locates a contractor by phone, and when it finds one,
or at least one cogent enough to press a key when prompted, it has
connects the contractor and the customer, paying for both calls and
taking a cut.  It's called keene or keane or something but I can't
find it on the web right now.  We might not need something so complex
anyway, but this can be done.

> A routing algorithm for orders and requests.
> A financial clearing system.

That sounds expensive.  Why don't we all ask all the rich people/companies we
know if they would like to sponsor such a thing?  Just a suggestion.


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