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Re: Debian Professionals Association, last try

On Mar 17, I. Forbes decided to present us with:
> Hello Lalo 

Hi there :-)

I just noticed one thing. We two will have similar views on a
lot of things, because we feel the international nature of the
debianpro idea deeper on our everyday reality - both living in
countries with little or no other prospective members. So we'll
be the first to see how things like "meetings" and "obligatory
courses for members" and the traditional certification process
are unpractical.

Oh I'm disgressing again.

> On 17 Mar 99, at 12:31, Lalo Martins wrote:
> No, I think we agree on the idea.  Just the word "deploy" should be 
> replaced with something that encompasses the wider meaning.  


> I am not sure if the membership should extend to people who "use" 
> Debian to do their work - like graphic artists, word processor 
> operators and html designers - but who's main area of skill is 
> independent of Debian.  Or we may want a different grade of 
> membership for these people.

I vote "no". Try this definition:

"An association of people who earn their livings from jobs where
their knowledge of Debian is a very important part of their
qualification" or something to this effect.

> > For teachers, I can assure you that an "official" set of
> > debianpro curricula (with titles, like "basic Debian course",
> > "Debian-based network administration course", etc) is definitely
> > a benefit, and is the closest thing to certification that is
> > important for us - saying "my courses follows the official
> > debianpro curricula". A teacher certification process would be
> > another added bonus, but less important (eg can be left for
> > later).
> This is very important.  But first we need an association.  Then we 
> can start endorsing things.  Remember that endorsement is only as 
> strong as the reputation of the association.

Yes, but the curricula are good for other things; it's very
useful for a teacher to have a starting point to lay out a
course. Also, if a lot of debianpro teachers start using the
curricula around the world and exchanging ideas/experience, the
quality of their services will (hopefully) improve; if they make
a point of telling people they're debianpro-members and use the
debianpro curricula, this will help with building a reputation
for the curricula, and consequently for debianpro itself. IMO.

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