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Re: Can we do something now?

Jim Westveer wrote:
> > I'm thinking not only of consulting, but also training. I
> > thought of a name like "Debian Professional Consulting and
> > Education Collective".
> Humm...How about "Debian Consulting and Education"  DCE.

DCE is already used by Distributed Computing Environment, which
is a protocol and/or API for the very same.

> The consultants, and how to contact them, needs to be made public and
> predominant.
> The Educational framework, and Knowledge base needs to be public and
> predominant.
> Advertising banner rotation of member banners (and others?) needs to be
> established.

Pardon me, what?  Advertising banner?  I hope you're joking.  This would
at least terminate my interest immediately.  And they don't have any
benefit since people normally need to find a consultant in their area
and not at some other place.



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