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Debian Professionals Association, last try

Every time I bring the topic up it generates some enthusiastic
traffic and then dies. I'm really interested in such an
association, but that won't work without associates. So, the
interested people could please step forward?

We already have an offer for webspace. Alas, two.

We already have a name. Anyone has better ideas? No? Then let's
settle for this one and register debianpro.com. Perhaps talk to
SPI first.

Someone could compose a proposal on the certification scheme. If
more than one person start working on this, it won't hurt - it's
good to have more than one proposal to look at and perhaps end
up with one that joins the best parts of all.

I'll start working on the curricula this week, if anyone wants
to join, feel free to contact me.

People who aren't interested in the idea may manifest themselves
now, and if they're enought we should move the discussion off
this list.

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