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Re: Debian consulting in Paris

Louis-David Mitterrand <mito@m2.sprynet.com> writes:

> I am starting a Linux Consulting (100% based on Debian) operation in
> Paris, France and I wanted to introduce myself to other people in the
> same region interested in exchanging ideas, leads, maybe also discussing
> potential alliances.

Which is exactly what we're looking for as well. Too bad Holland is a
bit far.

> Company executives are starting to actually listen to a Linux sales
> pitch, having read numerous good reviews in the computer press. In the
> last two months I've installed an intranet, web servers and Internet
> connectivity for a new on-line discount broker. Now I'm getting ready to
> do the same for a major real-estate developer. All based on Debian.

Indeed. Due to positive press reviews, our number of customers has
increased significantly over the last 6 month or so.

I've been installing linux-based intranet servers for three years
now. Switching to debian about a year and a half ago definitively made
my life a lot easier. Production time for a fully operational intranet
isdn firewall router with apache, mysql, samba, etc... currently
stands at about 3 hours. But I'm hoping to bring it down to one hour
or even less eventually. I expect that the main bottlenecks will
become IO speeds (formatting with block-checks and installing from
a CD+HDD-mirror).

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