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Re: AYT? Support network, anyone up to?

 I think it's too gimicky.  I don't want <big-explosion New And
 Improved/ stuck on the box taking up print space that would be better
 used for a well written printed description.  (It's like RH install
 vs `dselect'.  Debian GNU/Linux isn't a one-button OS.)

 Is $50.00 too much to charge?  Will we kick a little down to the
 whoever can put it to use maintaining the infrastructure that makes
 GNU happen?  Lots of unpaid-for work went into the GNU tools.  If
 money's coming in profitting from them, I feel there's a
 responsibility to put some of that money back into GNU and

 I want to study Linux at the community college I've applied to.  They
 only teach Windows programming right now... though some Unix admin
 classes are taught on Linux now.  I'll be ashamed if they use Red Hat
 over the free Linux...  unless Red Hat decides to contribute to the
 cause.  My feeling is that they're getting rich...  Do they pay the
 programmers?  Or donate to SPI when they port a Debian package to Red

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