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Re: Linux and USPS

On 12 Apr 1998, Jim Pick wrote:

> Read this:
> http://slashdot.org/articles/98411114459.shtml
> Wow.
> This is the sort of thing where Linux really shines.  Big rollouts.
> Does anybody doubt that there is a lot of work doing this sort of
> stuff?
> Cheers,
>  - Jim

I read this article. I can think of some more candidates too.  Back when I
was doing hardware work in the DC area, I had a customer at the Night
Vision and Electro-Optics lab at Ft. Belvior, Virginia. They were doing
all kinds of neat things with PDP-11's and micro-VAXs at the time. They
built the peripheral devices themselves and coded the drivers themselves
too.  If that lab is still in operation, I would expect them to be using
Linux by now since they have complete access to the kernel and can write
their own custome drivers.  One of my old customers in Greenbelt, Maryland
is already a well-known Linux shop. Maybe the USGS out in Reston, VA would
find a use for Linux.

There are a lot of science and engineering research shops in the DC area,
or at least there used to be. Out here in Silicon Valley the emphasis is
on research for manufacturing and development of computer guts rather than
computer eyes and ears.

When it comes to development of custom hardware such as the USPS needed
for scanning the mail, nothing beats Linux in turn-around time and keeping
costs down.  Once you get the hardware built and working, THEN you can
think about spending the money to get a developers license from Microsoft
to make drivers for Windows. I can think of no better PC development

George Bonser

If I had a catchy quip, it would be here.

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