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Re: Informal support network

Hi there,

Jim> Initially, I think we just need a unified marketing message, a single
Jim> web page, and a structure for referring incoming calls to the
Jim> individual consultants.


Jim> Here's a little plan:

[plan skipped]

What I propose is to loan a bit of grandiose ideas from Bruce and try to
integrate them back :) Your plan doesn't seem to imply that people could be 
spread geographically AND internationally. Also, for example, while I'm
almost completely freelance, I have the advantage of sitting in an office
so phone will be answered during any of local business hours.

Jim> * Build a list of Debian consultants willing to participate.

What attributes should be required? Let's build a small form for that (web-based?)

Jim> * Set up a schedule - each consultant would have to inform everybody
Jim>    when they are available to work - a week ahead of time.  They will
Jim>    be required to set the time aside - ie. they must be able to handle
Jim>    calls referred to them, or they will be kicked out.

This is going to be complicated, just as I noted above. Call handling is a
tricky thing - can a specific call be treated on the phone? does it require 
onsite presence? how fast? etc.

Jim>    We should attempt to be fair in referring the calls, which I don't
Jim>    anticipate will be a big problem to start.

We will need some sort of a map :) no use referring a call from USA to
Brazil, or something like that.


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