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Re: Debian Commercial Support

> The support database (essentially the replies of the email support
> folks) will be GPL-ed and published.

Couldn't this just be handled by the existing bug system, writing some
new docs here and there, and possibly the "debian-tips" idea I had a
long time ago?

Publishing email correspondence doesn't seem to be a very good idea.  Most
companies I've dealt with as clients don't want their inner workings exposed
- even if it's for crummy little PC problems.

We can write public problem summaries - but most of the time it is a lot
more work to document a problem than it is to actually fix it.  A lot of
problems tend to be very transient or specific in nature.

Probably the best way to coordinate a distributed effort would be via
a private email list and an IRC server for people who are "on-duty".
Having specialists in specific areas will also help.


 - Jim

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