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[netnews@cdn-news.com] Hot Off The Wire: COREL CORPORATION

So it's official now - Corel is pushing Linux.  :-)

Looks like you're going to be seeing Linux on the desktop in the
corporate world pretty soon now.

I wonder if they will offer their own distribution to be installed
onto "legacy" PC's?


 - Jim

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Canadian Corporate News --- Hot Off The Wire
News Release for "COREL CORPORATION"

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*** required to electronically file their disclosure documents.
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OCTOBER 27, 1997

Corel Computer Corp. Reveals The Corel Video Network

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--Corel Computer Corp. today previewed its newest 
network computer technology: the Corel Video Network Computer(TM).
With its Linux-based operating system and its Java(TM)-based 
multimedia communications suite, the product forms a premiere 
combination of integrated software and hardware for thin-client 
computing and video communications.  

"Corel Computer has set a new standard for thin-client computing,"
said Dr. Michael Cowpland, chairman of Corel Computer Corp., 
president and chief executive officer of Corel Corporation. "We 
have combined our leadership in Java technology with our expertise
in communications and computing hardware to produce an ultra-fast,
network-centric computing solution." 

The Corel Video Network Computer counters the reputation of 
network computers as inherently slow devices by delivering high 
speed performance. Delivering the power to execute Java and legacy
applications, the network computer is also ideal as a terminal 
replacement. Powered by Digital Equipment Corporation's RISC-based
StrongARM microprocessor, the Corel Computer machines have been 
clocked at more than 250 million instructions per second.  

"There is nothing thin about the performance of this network 
computer," said Mr. Eid Eid, president of Corel Computer Corp. 
"With its built-in multimedia, voice and video communications it's
as powerful as any high-end multimedia PC. However, it offers all 
the advantages of thin-client computing in terms of client 
administration, software distribution, training, and cost of 

Key benefits include: 

*  Reduced Software Distribution Costs: The Corel Video Network 
Computer leverages the network computing model by storing 
software, user documents and user profiles on a central server. 
Files and application components are downloaded as users need 
them, ensuring that all users are executing the same software 
version all the time. The Corel Video Network Computer eliminates 
incompatibility issues and the need for costly manual upgrades. 

* Persistent Caching and Synchronization: The Corel Video Network 
Computer improves on the thin client model by providing 
productivity and functionality even when detached from the central
server. Because user applications, files and profiles are mirrored
on the Corel Video Network Computer, users can continue to work 
even when disconnected from the server. When the client is 
reconnected to the server, files are synchronized with the 
information on the server. 

*  Minimal Network Traffic: The Corel Video Network Computer has 
been built to minimize network traffic. As applications are 
downloaded from the server they are persistently cached on a local
hard drive and run from the client, minimizing network traffic. 

*  Energy Efficiency: During daily operation the Corel Video 
Network Computer consumes about the same amount of power as a 7 
watt night light. When not in use, the Corel Video Network 
Computer can be placed in a "sleep mode" that uses considerably 
less power. All data and applications are temporarily saved until 
the machine is powered-up with a simple push of a button. 

*  Ergonomic Design: Roughly the size of a hardcover book 
(approximately 9 1/2" x 6 3/8" x 2") the sleek and whisper-quiet 
Corel Video Network Computer is an unobtrusive desktop client. 

In addition to the flexibility of network computing, the Corel 
Video Network Computer includes built-in multimedia and 
videoconferencing capabilities. The Corel Video Network Computer 
can be used for video distribution, or with the addition of a 
CorelCAM(TM), or any video camera, for live two-way conversation. 

Other key features of the Corel Video Network Computer include: 

*  A Digital StrongARM SA-110 microprocessor 

*  32 MB of memory (expandable to 64 MB) and more than 500 MB 
persistent memory cache 

*  Two Ethernet ports: 10Base-T and 10/100Base-T 

*  Additional connectivity through a V.34/V.80 software modem, 
IrDA transceiver, parallel and serial ports 

*  A composite high resolution XVGA and NTSC/PAL video output with

*  Onboard communications include 4 MB video conferencing RAM, 
video capture and compression/decompression for voice and 

*  Full stereo in/out, microphone and speaker, jack for analog 
phone, IP phone and videoconferencing 

*  Keyboard and mouse 

Corel Computer's commitment to provide a complete network computer
and communications solution is further solidified by the 
announcement of new software products. The Corel Video Network 
Computer will showcase a Linux-based operating system as well as a
Java-based communications suite. 

Corel Video Network Computer Operating System 

The underpinnings of the network computer are based on Linux, a 
publically available operating system developed by Linus Torvalds 
in 1991. Based on the same code as the UNIX operating system, 
Linux is continually being improved by developers, administrators 
and users around the world. A Java Virtual Machine (JVM) from 
JavaSoft Corporation will work in conjunction with the operating 
system. Java byte code is interpreted and translated into native 
Linux instructions via the JVM. 

The Linux-based operating system in Corel Computer Corp's Video 
Network Computer offers the following benefits: 

*  Highly stable - ideal for enterprise computing 

*  Powerful and robust 

*  Multitasking and multithreading capabilities 

*  Real-time services 

*  Widely supported: more than 100,000 developers worldwide 
sharing code and advancements 

Multimedia Communications Suite 

Task-oriented and Java-based, Corel Computer has designed a 
customizable user interface, including multimedia communications 
capabilities, that is downloaded from the central server to the 
desktop client. Designed for simplicity, the user interface acts 
as a container for the tasks and applications from Corel Computer 
and other software vendors. The user interface is designed to 
leverage the open, vendor-independent nature of Java and will 
allow any third-party software to be integrated into the Corel 
Video Network Computer. 

The Java-based multimedia communications tools include: 

*  Java-based browser 

*  Personal information tools: address book, schedule, calendar, 
to do list, calculator 

*  CorelVIDEO(TM) Intranetwork(TM): LAN-based video and audio 

*  HTML editor 

*  File browser 

*  Personal desktop preference controls 

*  E-mail client 

*  Access to legacy and Windows(R) 32-bit applications such as 
Corel(R) WordPerfect(R) Suite 8 via a built-in client 

Availability and Pricing 

The Corel Video Network Computer is a key part of Corel Computer 
Corp's strategy to provide the premiere combination of 
communications and computing for the corporate desktop. Initially 
available in North America, Corel Computer will sell turnkey 
network computing solutions that include network computers, third 
party middle ware such as e-mail and directory services and third 
party enterprise services including management software, file 
servers and file storage. 

Scheduled for commercial availability by early 1998, Corel 
Computer Corp will be rolling out prototypes of the network 
computer to strategic corporate and institutional accounts over 
the coming weeks. Pricing for corporate solutions is available 
upon request. 

Corel Computer Corp. 

The Corel Video Network Computer(TM) and CorelVIDEO(TM) are the 
cornerstones of Corel Computer Corp.'s strategy to merge 
communications and computing on the corporate desktop. Corel 
Computer offers industry-leading video communications tools that 
are reliable, scalable and deliver the power and productivity of 
face-to-face communications whether users are across the hall or 
around the world. Corporate customers seeking turnkey solutions 
can turn to Corel Computer for custom integration and deployment 
of low-cost network computing clusters and videoconferencing. 
Corel Computer Corp. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Corel 
Corporation, an award-winning developer of graphics software and 
productivity applications.  

Corel is a registered trademark of Corel Corporation. CorelVIDEO, 
CorelCAM and Corel Video Network Computer are trademarks of Corel 
Computer Corp.  Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. 
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. All 
product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks 
of their respective companies. 

Photo available on CP Digital Photo Network.



Corel Computer Press Contact
Oliver Bendzsa
(613) 788-6000  Ext. 6167
E-Mail: oliverb@corelcomputer.com




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