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Question about packaging a Lisp image


I would like to package bergman [1], a Common Lisp program for computations in
noncommutative algebra.

Upstream's build script creates an executable by generating an image with
SAVEINITMEM.  However, in order for some of the features of bergman to work
properly, the source files must be present, and in the same location as they
were during build time, at runtime.  So generating the image while building the
binary package won't work, as then at runtime we'd be looking for some
non-existent directory from the buildd machines.  (Not to mention the
reproducibility issues from having these paths hardcoded in the image!)

One solution that I've come up with is to just have the Debian package install
the necessary source files, and then have the postinst script run the upstream
build script and generate the image right there on the user's system as part of
the installation process.

I'm very new to Common Lisp, so I'm not sure if this is the best strategy.  Is
there another method that would be recommended instead?


[1] https://bugs.debian.org/990950

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