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Bug#970345: cl-usocket: autopkgtests depend on unrestricted access to the internet

Hi Sébastien,

A couple of other notes about this:

- the tests would succeed on Ubuntu infrastructure if the implementation
  respected http_proxy / https_proxy; but it appears this is not the case. 
  I think this should be considered a bug in cl-usocket, independent of the
  tests passing or failing.

- the testsuite is trying to hit a specific website, common-lisp.net.  This
  site is only specified in the test suite, rather than being intrinsic to a
  feature of the package; and the test will fail if for any reason
  common-lisp.net is offline.  This makes it a bad test, in my view, because
  the test result is dependent on external resources, so it is not just
  testing the functionality of the package.  The usual approach for testing
  network functions that are not related to a specific web service is to
  launch a server on localhost and connect to that server instead.

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