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Bug#963776: clisp: error when trying to access /usr/share/doc/hyperspec installed by hyperspec package

Package: clisp
Version: 1:2.49.20180218+really2.49.92-3+b3
Severity: wishlist
Tags: patch

Dear Maintainer,

commands on the REPL like "(describe 'describe)" give the error

OPEN: File #P"/usr/share/doc/hyperspec/Data/Symbol-Table.text" does not exist

Maybe a case "/usr/share/doc/hyperspec" should be added in the distinction of
cases in src/clhs.lisp.

This issue is debian specific because it involves the hyperspec package.

patch attachted.

-- System Information:
Distributor ID:	Devuan
Description:	Devuan GNU/Linux 4 (chimaera/ceres)
Release:	testing/unstable

Versions of packages clisp depends on:
ii  libc6          2.30-8
ii  libffcall1b    2.2-1
ii  libncurses6    6.2-1
ii  libreadline8   8.0-4
ii  libsigsegv2    2.12-2
ii  libtinfo6      6.2-1
ii  libunistring2  0.9.10-4

clisp recommends no packages.

Versions of packages clisp suggests:
ii  clisp-doc                 1:2.49.20180218+really2.49.92-3
pn  clisp-module-berkeley-db  <none>
pn  clisp-module-clx          <none>
pn  clisp-module-dbus         <none>
pn  clisp-module-gdbm         <none>
ii  clisp-module-pcre         1:2.49.20180218+really2.49.92-3+b3
pn  clisp-module-postgresql   <none>
pn  clisp-module-zlib         <none>
ii  gdb                       9.2-1
ii  slime                     2:2.24+dfsg-2
diff --git a/src/clhs.lisp b/src/clhs.lisp
index 747d7225e..0101f1408 100644
--- a/src/clhs.lisp
+++ b/src/clhs.lisp
@@ -283,6 +283,7 @@ set *HTTP-PROXY*, and return it; otherwise just return *HTTP-PROXY*."
                                         (search "cliki.net/" clhs-root))
                                    ((or (search "maclisp.org/" clhs-root)
+                                        (search "/usr/share/doc/hyperspec" clhs-root)
                                         (search "lispworks.com/" clhs-root)
                                         (search "lisp.se/" clhs-root))

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