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GNU libffcall 2.2 is released

Available at

New in 2.2:

* Added support for the following platforms:
  (Previously, a build on these platforms failed.)
  - armv6 (Raspberry Pi): Linux.
  - hppa: Linux 32-bit.
  - riscv32: Linux with ilp32d ABI.
  - riscv64: Linux with lp64d ABI.

* The build for the mips 32-bit ABI is now compatible with toolchains for
  the 'fpxx' ABI variant.  The downside is that the mips1 architecture is
  no longer supported.

* Fixed a bug regarding passing of more than 8 arguments on the following
  - arm64: Linux 64-bit.

* Fixed a stack corruption bug on the following platforms:
  - hppa: HP-UX 32-bit.

According to [1], you are packaging libffcall for Debian.

I invite you to upgrade to version 2.2. It is expected to build on all
official Debian ports.

Best regards,


[1] https://packages.debian.org/buster/libffcall-dev

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