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continuous integration testing for clisp

Hello Peter,

> Debian has autopkgtest [1] and CI [2] to test packages now. Do you want me to
> run ?make test? as a part of these efforts on clisp? Is there perhaps a better
> alternative?

I don't know what 'make test' is. But like any GNU program, clisp has a
"make check" target [1] that you can run in the build tree, after "make".
It does a lot of small self-tests. Failure is indicated through a non-zero
exit code. Often, it fails in the 'check-tests' parts; then it leaves
some *.erg files around. Currently, most often this is socket.erg; I don't
know whether these are bugs in the test suite (socket.tst) or in the socket
code. The existence of other *.erg files would be worrisome.

The clisp Makefile.devel contains also code for downloading the SACLA tests
from Yuji Minejima and the ANSI tests from Paul Dietz. The Makefile contains
targets 'check-sacla-tests' and 'check-ansi-tests' when these downloads
were done prior to configuring clisp.

All these tests work in the build tree; clisp does not provide tests of
installed programs. If you want to setup such tests, you're on your own
(but of course these three directories tests/, sacla-tests/, ansi-tests/
can be a starting point); maybe you have done similar things for sbcl,
cmucl, or gcl?


[1] https://www.gnu.org/prep/standards/html_node/Standard-Targets.html

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