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GNU libsigsegv 2.11 is released


GNU libsigsegv 2.11 is released. You find the download link at the homepage

New in 2.11:

* Added support for catching stack overflow on Linux/SPARC.

* Provide a correct value for SIGSTKSZ on 64-bit AIX and on HP-UX. The one
  defined by these systems is too small.

* Updated build infrastructure.

* Compilation now requires the <stdint.h> include file. Platforms which
  don't have this include file (such as IRIX) are no longer supported.

According to [1], you are packaging libsigsegv for Debian.

I invite you to upgrade to version 2.11.

Note about the Debian patches for this package:
- aarch64-stack-direction.patch: Not needed any more with 2.11.
- configure-patch-for-kfreebsd-debian.patch: Probably not needed any more.
  mincore() works for me in kFreeBSD 9.
- no-stackhandler-on-s390.patch - Probably not needed, works for me
  on s390x-ibm-linux3.16.0-gnu-glibc2.19
- SIGSTKSZ-adjust.patch: I disagree. It's the caller's responsibility to
  provide a large enough area.
  Cf. http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009695399/functions/sigaltstack.html
- sparc-fix-sigsegv-fault-stackpointer-definition.patch: Not needed any more
  with 2.11. Linux/sparc support has been completely overhauled.

Best regards,


[1] https://packages.debian.org/sid/libsigsegv-dev

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