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Bug#819181: RFS: cl-asdf/3.1.7 - Another System Definition Facility


Kambiz Darabi <darabi at m-creations.com> writes:
>> BTW the package has many uploaders, and some of them are DD.
>> Usually it is better to ask them for uploads, instead of opening an RFS bug.
>> In case they are MIA or not interested in cl-asdf anymore, better drop them from uploaders, and maybe open a MIA process.
>> (ccing Mattia, maybe you can double check the above)
> I have too little experience to judge that, but I have written to the
> pkg-common-lisp-devel several times asking for sponsorship without a response.

  Unfortunately pkg-common-lisp is pretty much dead as a team at the
moment. There are several DDs uploading "their" packages as needed but
we have completely failed to do proper sponsorship and/or Team
communication for a while. There are some exceptions .. I have seen at
least Milan and Aaron do some sponsorship work and stuff but certainly
several DDs in the uploaders list -- including myself -- haven't.

  If people on -mentors can help out here I'm more than glad to see that
happening. At least for myself I don't see much spare resources to get
more involved in a pkg-common-lisp team unfortunately.


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