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Bug#789515: cmucl: is the libxp dependency necessary?

Source: cmucl
Version: 20f-1
Severity: normal

Hi Maintainer

The xprint package is obsolete and scheduled for removal. A related
library is libxp, which provides an API that enables client programs
to access and use an Xprint server.  Since we're getting rid of
xprint, one could argue it makes sense to get rid of libxp as well.

Your package depends on libxp.  This situation sometimes arises
historically from the time before xprint was considered obsolete, with
Build-depends: libxp-dev being set in the past and then forgotten and

This bug has been filed to prompt you to check if you really want
Xprint (libxp) support in your package.

This was fixed in cmucl 20c-2.1, but seems to have become undone in 20f-1.


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