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Please push clisp to jessie-backports

Dear Sirs,

1) Problem

`clisp' and `clisp-module-clx' are not in Debian 8 (jessie) which now

2) Context

I am the developer of WP-MIRROR, a utility for building a local mirror of
any wiki published by the Wikimedia Foundation [0]. WP-MIRROR is written in
Common Lisp. It is distributed as a DEB package [1], and depends on `clisp'
and `clisp-module-clx'. Version 0.7.4 is tuned for Debian 7 (wheezy). I am
working on version 0.8.0 which will be tuned for Debian 8 (jessie).

3) Solutions

I would like your advice as to which route to take:

a) build my own DEB packages for `clisp' and `clisp-module-clx' for jessie;
b) request you to push `clisp' and `clisp-module-clx' to jessie-backports.

I took the first route for `mediawiki', because the DEB package hosted by
Debian is built from a source that is too far out of date. I would prefer
the second route for `clisp' given that it is only a matter of packaging
and not a matter of the source being out of date.

Please let me know what next steps you would recommend for a `clisp' user
in my position.

Sincerely Yours,

[0] Home: <http://www.nongnu.org/wp-mirror/>, <
[1] DEB: <http://download.savannah.gnu.org/releases/wp-mirror/>
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