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sbcl_1.2.8-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental


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Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 22:37:44 +0100
Source: sbcl
Binary: sbcl sbcl-doc sbcl-source
Architecture: source all amd64
Version: 2:1.2.8-1
Distribution: experimental
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian Common Lisp Team <pkg-common-lisp-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Christoph Egger <christoph at debian.org>
 sbcl       - Common Lisp compiler and development system
 sbcl-doc   - Documentation for Steel Bank Common Lisp
 sbcl-source - Source code files for SBCL
 sbcl (2:1.2.8-1) experimental; urgency=medium
   * New upstream version
     changes in sbcl-1.2.8 relative to sbcl-1.2.7:
       * enhancement: better error and warning messages. (lp#1314767, lp#736383)
       * enhancement: backtrace for invalid argument count produces the exact
         supplied arguments including the extra ones, on x86, x86-64 and ARM.
       * enhancement: a STYLE-WARNING is signaled for DEFSTRUCT accessors which
         are used before the structure is defined; similarly for the predicate.
       * optimization: FORMAT NIL with only ~a and string arguments is transformed
         into CONCATENATE.
       * optimization: POSITION and FIND when inlined into code that is compiled
         with qualities of safety < 2 and speed > space will no longer signal
         an error on circular lists, but will potentially loop forever if given
         no :END constraint. As was always the case, calls that are not inlined
         are safe regardless of lexical policy.
       * bug fix: CLOS methods compiled with (OPTIMIZE (DEBUG 0))
         no longer cause debugger failure when printing a backtrace
       * bug fix: more resilience to deleted code. (lp#1308328, lp#1390544)
       * bug fix: the CLHS example of MAKE-LOAD-FORM involving TREE-WITH-PARENT
         did not work, and now it does.
     changes in sbcl-1.2.7 relative to sbcl-1.2.6:
       * optimization: returning constant values refers to preboxed constants
         more reliably. (lp#1398785)
       * enhancement: a STYLE-WARNING is produced if a compiler-macro is defined
         for a function after at least one ordinary (not inlined) call to that
         function was compiled, indicating a likely compilation order problem.
         Likewise a warning ensues if a call is compiled to a function
         that is subsequently proclaimed INLINE.
       * enhancement: always lose() when something goes wrong while saving a core
         (instead of just printing an error on stderr in some situations).
       * enhancement: frames in the debugger are now restartable by default.
       * bug fix: restore error handling on Windows x86.
       * bug fix: MAKE-SEQUENCE detects type errors in its :INITIAL-ELEMENT
         at compile-time when possible. (lp#330299)
       * bug fix: parsing of malformed type specifiers no longer results
         in a memory-fault-error.
       * bug fix: LOOP properly destructures nested lists in WITH.
       * bug fix: MACROEXPANDing the redefinition of an alien structure type no
         longer signals the wrong error.
       * bug fix: PROGV doesn't get confused by forced DEBUG 3 (lp#1405456).
     changes in sbcl-1.2.6 relative to sbcl-1.2.5:
       * enhancement: SERVE-EVENTS uses the poll() system call in lieu of
         select() if the OS has the former. Previously poll() was used
         only if waiting on exactly one file descriptor.
       * enhancement: efficiency of access to untagged structure slots is improved
         on x86-64, and the order of slots in memory is exactly as specified by
         defstruct, simplifying use of structures as arguments to foreign calls.
       * bug fix: SB-DEBUG:ARG now works in all TRACE options which evaluate forms.
       * bug fix: GC memory corruption during internal memory handling.
       * bug fix: duplicate effective-slot-definition objects as compared
         by EQ on name could be present in CLASS-SLOTS of a class whose
         metaclass was structure-class or condition-class. (lp#1049423)
       * bug fix: HANDLER-BIND with empty bindings works again; regression in
         1.2.5. (lp#1388707)
       * bug fix: ATOMIC-INCF works on structure slots in interpreted code.
       * bug fix: MAKE-ARRAY properly handles character types like (eql #\a) and
         (member #\a #\c). (lp#1392068)
       * bug fix: READ sometimes accidentally preserved a whitespace character
         after a token when it should not have. (lp#327790)
     changes in sbcl-1.2.5 relative to sbcl-1.2.4:
       * enhancement: sb-bsd-sockets now has basic support for IPv6
       * enhancement: An sb-unicode package has been added, containing
         many functions related to handling Unicode text
       * enhancement: The reader now normalizes symbols to Normalization
         Form KC (NFKC). This behavior can be disabled with
       * enhancement: a style-warning is signaled if OPTIMIZE declarations
         multiply specify a quality with differing values. (lp#310267)
       * bug fix: conservatively pointed to pages wipe out unused dwords so
         that they cannot act as false roots in turn.
       * bug fix: the walker's handling of lexical variable and symbol-macro
         bindings is improved (lp#375326, lp#1368305)
       * bug fix: HANDLER-{BIND,CASE} no longer drop into ldb when a clause
         contains an undefined condition type; regression in 1.1.19 (lp#1378939)
       * bug fix: in interpreted code, inequality predicates did not type-check
         arguments that weren't examined, and a 1-argument use of MIN or MAX
         accepted a complex number. (lp#1373702)
       * bug fix: APROPOS and APROPOS-LIST handle inherited symbols correctly.
         (lp#1364413, thanks to Zach Beane)
 161f96f23e1eb3e9c86ffca43445f3f3e9f9ba4b 2343 sbcl_1.2.8-1.dsc
 a0f4739879c21c40c15cee8e4e8cffc845433926 5493384 sbcl_1.2.8.orig.tar.bz2
 7040d88f7803a9a7ad6396a8fbce17d9d0ef9a62 72452 sbcl_1.2.8-1.debian.tar.xz
 3e25991375c5fa73115349e3c5cfab71e45ca1a6 1393696 sbcl-doc_1.2.8-1_all.deb
 6f6588fafbaaeaa03b808c3bc44c788d770e137b 2761044 sbcl-source_1.2.8-1_all.deb
 e8f96f7dbd101618aedacab0cb500774f69cb176 9270620 sbcl_1.2.8-1_amd64.deb
 741b43ab957eb79c195a7fe21d3b5d3760482d601a91cca4c22b88ab991557c5 2343 sbcl_1.2.8-1.dsc
 2d28a9aed5d8507feb7200b88eb5ae37155b6c8e71f42a33f0c6795300a76929 5493384 sbcl_1.2.8.orig.tar.bz2
 808c6cc764728ad085b39ba023b2dfed6cded828a69d6a65c5356f26044dd805 72452 sbcl_1.2.8-1.debian.tar.xz
 c3b99b042cf756333b5587afbb9f3f4a6d0a400c19447a8dd141d4504c12d8ce 1393696 sbcl-doc_1.2.8-1_all.deb
 bf1e0dde20ef47c9f906ff963ebd721e9f894ca2e9a676e59542ea6825adc061 2761044 sbcl-source_1.2.8-1_all.deb
 511e7985ea1747812bf5437abb43422c26b967d1eb57a4d80da25282364c6c48 9270620 sbcl_1.2.8-1_amd64.deb
 1fb056d108f97b10f646cd328ebd708d 2343 lisp optional sbcl_1.2.8-1.dsc
 bb14259d09651adb8d9d2f892792b295 5493384 lisp optional sbcl_1.2.8.orig.tar.bz2
 26d2cd86e8d16fc231670ea21594fff8 72452 lisp optional sbcl_1.2.8-1.debian.tar.xz
 259b11d5ed6811c22cf1f8a08d43f963 1393696 doc optional sbcl-doc_1.2.8-1_all.deb
 60b3d71d32230a22c9480fd9102fab6a 2761044 lisp optional sbcl-source_1.2.8-1_all.deb
 92656f40115af1a7c540d7ae3a008da7 9270620 lisp optional sbcl_1.2.8-1_amd64.deb

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