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Bug#775050: FTCBFS for arm64: failure to determine stack direction

Package: src:libsigsegv
Version: 2.10-4
Tags: patch
User: helmutg at debian.org
Usertags: rebootstrap

libsigsegv FTCBFS for arm64. The configure script fails to determine the
stack direction. The general way of determining stack direction in
libsigsegv is to have a long list of cpu names to look up the stack
direction and only then fall back to doing a compile-run test. For
native builds this check makes the package work for arm64, but it cannot
be run while cross compiling.

I argue that since libsigsegv covers lots of other architectures, it
should also cover arm64 (consistency). Alternatively, one can argue that
cross builders should set sv_cv_stack_direction. If you believe that the
latter is the right way to go, please close this bug after tagging it

I am attaching a patch that adds the cached value for arm64. From a
quick glance it seems or1k isn't covered either.


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