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Packaging CL libs and apps for debian

Far? <fahree at gmail.com> writes:
> Excellent. Are you using the new cl-launch 4.0.3?
> (I see that the script for debian version 4.0.3 thinks it's ? oops).

I'm using buildapp.

> It's a lot of work, and considering the fraction of lispers using Debian,
> that might not have been the best use of a lot of time, either.
> But now that Quicklisp provides us with regular updates of *everything*,
> it might really make sense to *automatically* upgrade Debian based on Quicklisp.

Yes, I'm working on that now, with watchfiles and all the jazz. It might
require some help from quicklisp to have proper url to watch for.

> Do you have access rights to upload a thousand packages to Debian
> every month?

No. Working with a team though.

I didn't find a way to create the packaging from Quicklisp
automatically, but working on an auto-update quicklisp based facility
looks easy enough.

So we're not talking about thousand packages.

> I suggest using different packages (maybe from the same sources)
> for the source code and for precompiled applications
> using a given implementation.

That's obviously what I did?;-)


So the packaging now works well enough to be able to build the pgloader
packages from only debian provided lisp sources.


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