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Bug#742426: slime: package update fails

>>>>> "TB" == Thorsten Bonow <thorsten.bonow at withouthat.org> writes:

    TB> updating to the newest version of the slime package failed with
    TB> the messages attached below. Downgrading to
    TB> cl-swank_20130626-1_all.deb and slime_20130626-1_all.deb worked.

    TB> One more thing: I'm using emacs24-lucid and slime
    TB> complains---the package recommends emacs24 (>= 24.3) |
    TB> emacs-snapshot | xemacs21.

Both the problems should be fixed in slime 2.4-2.

Please note the (harmless) error message will be still present on the
first upgrade/install due to emacsen-common bug #736062.

Thanks for the report.

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