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help with clisp-modules-* modules

OS:  Debian/testing
clisp version:  1:2.49-8.2

I want to try and get StumpWM to compile with CLISP.  Not a problem, just
install clisp and build stumpwm with it.  Ooopps!  It can't find the "full"
linkset.  All right, it seems to have been removed to save disk space since
it had the same files as "base" linkset.  Lets just make a symlink and work
with it.  Try again.  It now complains about not finding the CLX package.
 All right lets install
clisp-modules-clx.  Done.  Try again, and still can't find CLX it seems.

Everything is there it seems, but it clisp can't either find the CLX
package or there is some problem with the setup I've got which is just
clisp and clisp-modules-* all installed via aptitude.

Looking through things it seems everything used to come as part of "full"
linkset is now just separate modules.  So lets create a proper linkset
using clisp-link.  The clisp-module-berkely-db fails because the source is
not there in /clisp-2.49/...   which is not a problem.  Do an apt-get
source clisp in /usr/local/src and make /clisp-2.49 a symlink to it.  Do a
dpkg-buildpackage to get /clisp-2.49/debian/build/...  directory structure
populated.  Yay!! Berkely DB got done.  But it fails for CLX because it
can't find some config.h file. Stop!  This can't be the way to add modules
and create a linkset.

I'm sure I have not found the right documentation to guide me on this, but
what is the way to make use of the modules that I've got installed so that
I can build stumpwm as well as make use of the modules for other projects
that I'd like to do ?



p.s. apologies for the long-windedness of the email.

p.p.s  /usr/lib/common-lisp/bin/clisp.sh is missing.  Has it been taken out
?  Didn't see anything about it being removed in debian/changelog.

Mehul N. Sanghvi
email: mehul.sanghvi at gmail.com
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