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Bug#710953: ECL segfault when writing to a full stderr

Package: ecl
Version: 12.12.1-2

The following triggers a segfault:
$ echo "syntax error" | ecl 2>/dev/full

this crash is supposed to be fixed by the patch write_error.patch from 
the sage package which I forwarded some days ago in a personal mail.

H?las, I tried to roll my own ecl-12.12.1-2.1 with that patch added, and 
still get crashes, and I'm at loss trying to find out why.

Notice that the same test of syntax error piped in an executable whose 
stderr is redirected to /dev/full, works with sage's patched ecl, with 
sage's gap, sage's gp, sage's ipython and sage's singular, so it's 
really something that it routinely working for other projects.

Let's see if you have better ideas :-/

Snark on #debian-science

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