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Bug#696757: ecl and SIGNALS

Christoph Egger <christoph at debian.org> writes:
>   As suggested by Michael Banck on IRC I've been looking at Signals used
> by both parts to see if they e.g. battle over SIGUSR?. However libgc
> seems to use 32+{5,6} as signals on x86 FREEBSD __GLIBC__ at
> least. Petr, Steven: any idea why this is? Are these signals fine for
> kfreebsd glibc (signal.h says only 32,33 are reserved). ecl seems to use
> SIGRTMIN+2 internally which should not be a problem. I failed to see so
> far what signals are used by libgc on linux


Unfortunatyely I'm kinda lost parsing all these sigprocmask arguments
(are these just stack addresses?)


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