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dh_lisp usage

I'm trying to use dh_lisp as stated at the manual [1] but without

I added it to the dependencies at the control file and in `rules' I
tried calling it with:

	dh $@ --with lisp

and also:


I can see that with both tries dh_lisp is run but apparently nothing

I tried reading `/usr/bin/dh_lisp' but unfortunately I don't know perl
enough to figure out what it is doing.

I'm using autotools to configure and install the files and if I install
the generated .deb, the source files indeed end up inside
`/usr/share/common-lisp/source/foo', but the symbolic link to
`/usr/share/common-lisp/systems/foo.asd' from
`/usr/share/common-lisp/source/foo/foo.asd' is not created.

Reading some of the cl-* packages' rules file I can see that they define
their own versions of rules' targets and also declare variables like
`clc-source' and `debpkg'.

Is this required? I mean, do I have to explicit call `dh_install foo.asd
$(clc-foo)' instead of depending on Makefile.am?

[1]  http://pkg-common-lisp.alioth.debian.org/clid/clid.html/ch-dh-lisp.html

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