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Bug#684631: clisp doesn't build on armv7 hardware

package: clisp
severity: important
x-debbugs-cc: debian-arm at lists.debian.org

clisp fails to build with a segfault in an armel sid chroot on my 
beagleboard XM (armv7). It fails with an illegal instruction error if I 
add armhf to the architecture lists, add -marm to the start (if I add it 
after the existing "-falign-functions=4" it seems to get ignored it 
looks like there may be a bug where only the first thing in cflags 
actually gets used...) of cflags and try to build on an armhf system. 
Both failures seem to be the same underlying issue. I don't know why it 
ends up with a segfault on armel and an illegal intruction error on armhf.

There is a patch posted at 
which fixes this. However the author of the patch claims the patch will 
not work on v4, he is not clear whether when he says v4 he means only 
plain v4 (which debian doesn't support) or whether he also includes v4t 
(which debian does support) in that. Specifically he says

 >After doing that, I again hit an illegal instruction, this time on a 
line of this form:
 >MOVEQS pc, lr
 >That form of the instruction has been deprecated, and is apparently 
now illegal on whatever Fedora's koji builders use. The new way to do 
that is this:
 >BXEQ lr
 >which the assembly language reference manual says is also friendlier 
to the branch prediction logic. However, that instruction is not 
available on ARM v4 and earlier. That >doesn't cause me any issues, 
since Fedora only supports ARM v5 and later"

Can any arm assembler experts comment on whether this patch will break 
things on armv4t (i'm pretty sure v4t has plain BX but I dunno about 
BXEQ, a google search doesn't even seem to find anything relavent for 
BXEQ) and if so whether there is a correct way to fix this issue that 
will work for all hardware debian armel supports?

I've attatched a debdiff for the source i've been using to test things, 
note that this is NOT in a fit state for upload right now, it needs some 
cleanup, conditionalising (adding -marm on non arm architectures will 
break things) and changelog work. Also note that despite the +rpi1 in 
the version number this is not identical to what I plan to upload to 

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