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Bug#560966: CFFI test patch


I spotted this bug and thought I might be able to help.  Attached is a
patch that adds execution of the CFFI test suite to the package build.
You may notice I have also separated out building of the test C
libraries, they seem to be the main pain point during a failure.
Unfortunately the tests swallow the GCC and Make stdio so without
building them as a separate step it is difficult to debug.

I have tested the build on i386 and amd64.  The C libraries that built
during testing seem to target both 64 & 32 bit architectures, so
gcc-multilib is required for amd64 but I am not entirely sure about
other 64 bit architectures.  If you suspect this may cause a problem, I
can setup qemubuilder and test the builds on some of the other debian


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