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Bug#649707: stumpwm: StumpWM crashes after upgrade to GDM3

Please find the information below.
> What's the value of this:
>  (asdf::flatten-source-registry)

* (asdf::flatten-source-registry)

((#P"/usr/lib/sbcl/" :RECURSE T :EXCLUDE
  (".bzr" ".cdv" ".git" ".hg" ".pc" ".svn" "CVS" "RCS" "SCCS" "_darcs" "_sgbak"
   "autom4te.cache" "cover_db" "_build" "debian"))
 (#P"/usr/share/common-lisp/source/" :RECURSE T :EXCLUDE
  (".bzr" ".cdv" ".git" ".hg" ".pc" ".svn" "CVS" "RCS" "SCCS" "_darcs" "_sgbak"
   "autom4te.cache" "cover_db" "_build" "debian")))

>>> Deepak Tripathi <deepak at debian.org> writes:
>>>> Package: stumpwm
>>>> Version: 1:20110819.gitca08e08-1
>>>> Severity: grave
>>>> Dear Maintainer,
>>>> I have updated my system to gdm3/gnome3 and after upgrading stumpwm has
>>>> not been functioning properly. At first glace i thought its a StumWm bug
>>>> but later when i installed from git source it was working.
>>>> For more detail on the issue please check.
>>>> http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.window-managers.stumpwm.devel/2672
>>> I think it's the same as #647544.  It has been fixed in the upstream
>>> repo (git commit 6e07883) but the maintainer has not uploaded a new
>>> package.

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