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Bug#648415: clfswm executable fails to start

On Fri, Nov 11 2011, Desmond O. Chang wrote:

> Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz <jao at gnu.org> writes:
>> The following error:
>>    *** - LOAD: A file with name /usr/share/common-lisp/source/cl-asdf/asdf.lisp does not exist
>> This happens with any invocation of clfswm, no need to call it via startx.
> Are you using clisp?  Is cl-asdf installed?
> clfswm doesn't depend on cl-asdf since clfswm depends on cl-clx-sbcl and
> sbcl has included asdf in its package.  If you use clfswm with clisp,
> you have to install cl-asdf.

I have both clisp and sbcl installed: is there a way to choose which
lisp clfswm uses?

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