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Bug#647379: mass bug filling for package depending on menu

Package: stumpwm
Version: 20110420.git14571fc-1


As part of the mass bug filing to cleanup specious dependencies
on the package 'menu':

The binary package stumpwm declares a 'suggests' dependency
on ?menu? that might not be needed. As discussed on the
mailing list, we have identified two main reasons for a 
package to declare a dependency on menu:
 * The package drops a file in /etc/menu-methods/ to *use* the
   menu entries in dropped in /usr/share/menu/ by other packages.
 * The package needs the binary /usr/sbin/su-to-root.

If a package merely provides a menu entry in /usr/share/menu/,
then there is no need to depend, recommend or even suggest

I did my best to target this mass bug filling for appropriate
package only. Please apologize any mistake.



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