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A Quicklisp Debian package

Quoth Paulo Sequeira <psequeirag at gmail.com>:
> I agree. I also started feeling that ql-* packages would be a burden I wasn't
> sure would be worth bearing.

Yeah, although it would be nice.

> What you describe is basically the expectation I've been having about
> the package. Would it be useful still? Well, I think so, if only to
> give Quicklisp a proper status of citizen in Debian.

You're right.  Quicklisp should definitely be Debian citizen.

> I recall my feelings when reading the Quicklisp setup instructions the first
> time, realizing that libraries are all user-only and that no package for it
> was available, not even in sid. I didn't even wanted to try it at first,
> until I found the hard way that sticking only to what was officially
> debianized wasn't representative of the possibilites already available from
> the CL community. I could have given up trying Lisp if it weren't for the
> copious recommendations of Quicklisp you find here and there on the web.

You raise a good point.  I also often feel that way about software that hasn't
been packaged for Debian.

> I've also thought about this option, specially due to the shortcomings of
> Quicklisp when compared wtih dpkg (e.g. no package descriptions!  and not
> able to express dependencies on foreign, non-Lisp libraries either). But yes,
> this definitely can't be something to be considered in a first try.

I'm sure something like the Ruby Team's gem2deb tool is eminently possible, but
I'm not the man for job as I don't have the skills, nor the time to acquire

> I'm still not done going over the other materials you've posted, so I'll be
> replying later about them.

Thanks.  It'd be great if you could actually give swiQlisp a try and let me
know what you think.

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