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Bug#640815: slime: Crash upon loading: there is no package with name "ASDF"

retitle 640815 README.Debian should explain how to setup ASDF in the CL machine
severity 640815 wishlist

Ok I realized that I had to manually setup ASDF in my ~/.clisprc:

  (load #P"/usr/share/common-lisp/source/cl-asdf/asdf.lisp")

Or, for SBCL, in my ~/.sbclrc

  (require 'asdf)

Mentionning this fact in the README.Debian would be useful for CL newbies
like me :)


S?bastien Villemot
Researcher in Economics at CEPREMAP & Debian Maintainer
Phone: +33-1-40-77-49-90 - GPG Key: 4096R/381A7594

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