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Bug#617378: initialization file `/usr/lib/xindy/xindy.mem' was not created by this version of CLISP runtime

severity 617378 important

On Thu, Jun 09, 2011 at 05:59:49PM +0200, Agustin Martin wrote:

> A summary for clisp maintainers, 
> xindy depends on clisp-fasl-loader-20080430, provided by clisp-2.49 and
> clisp-2.48. This change by J?rg Sommer fixed above problem for 
> xindy+clisp-2.48. 
> However, this problem has reappeared with upgrade to clisp-2.49. Both
> clisp-2.48 and clisp-2.49 Debian packages provide
> clisp-fasl-loader-20080430, so ABI should be compatible. But above error
> seems to guess that an ABI change was introduced without bumping
> LISPOBJ(version..) in src/constobj.d (By the way, this was changed again
> on 6 Aug 2010 after 2.49 release, see hg#15040).
> By the way, rebuilding xindy package against clisp 2.49 makes xindy work
> again.
> If the above is true, Debian clisp should change LISPOBJ(version..) and
> xindy should be rebuilt against new clisp to make sure it inherits proper
> dependency.
> What do you think is happening? And what should be done?

Checked a bit more. Putting some debugging messages in clisp
src/spvw_memfile.d I found that the problem is with symbol_count. With them,
I get this info about the error (I find erroring out method in that file
insane, something giving something like below info would have been
appreciated) with mismatched values,

Error checking symbol_count
 Error: header._symbol_count: 1822, symbol_count 1827
 sizeof(symbol_tab): 58468, varobjects_misaligned: 4, sizeof(symbol_): 32

leading to the normal error message

 /usr/lib/clisp-2.49/base/lisp.run: initialization file `/usr/lib/xindy/xindy.mem' was not created by this version of CLISP runtime

while with clisp-2.48, also after putting some debugging messages, I can see
that values match,

 header._symbol_count: 1822, symbol_count 1822
 sizeof(symbol_tab): 58308, varobjects_misaligned: 4, sizeof(symbol_): 32

Seems that sizeof(symbol_tab) changed somewhere between 2.48 (2009-07-28)
and 2.49 (2010-07-07) without explicitly bumping LISPOBJ(version..).

Seems also that xindy is the only package depending on
clisp-fasl-loader-20080430, so this problem only appeared for it.

I do not know the clisp internals and what LISPOBJ(version..) really means.
I'd say that it should be bumped after any backwards incompatible change
like the one we are dealing with, but I may be wrong.

I am raising this bug severity because it makes Debian shipped xindy useless
in testing and sid. I am even thinking to make it RC.



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