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clisp "crossbuild" 32bit userland, 64bit kernel broken


    I'm having trouble getting clisp to build on my mipsel box, a
fuloong mini-PC. Problem is the 64bit kernel causes arimips64.c to be
created but the 32bit compiler (it's a whole 32bit userland) is trying
to build arimips.c which isn't there.

    If I pass --build=mipsel-linux-gnu it fails after the comment5 stage
because the generated files are all empty. Also lots of variables like
CC are empty in the Makefile. seting --host to the same value dies as
well -- this time no arimips* is created but arimips.c still needed.

    While this can probably all be worked around by using the linux32
wrapper script (which modifies uname() and by this tricks the
buildsystem to believe it's in a pure 32bit environment) It'd be just a
workaround and a pitfall for building (and may indicate broken
cross-compile support).

    Testing this kind of issue should be easily possible with a 32bit
linux chroot on a x86_64 system.


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