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sigsegv on s390 only giving start address of page in segv handler

Hi Christoph,

When you wrote to <bug-libsigsegv-antispam at antispam.gnu.org> you didn't remove
the "antispam" words from the address.

>     libsigsegv doesn't cope well with s390 at the moment. This is caused
> by the fact, that linux masks the address for sigsegv:
>   mm/fault.c:#define __FAIL_ADDR_MASK 0x7ffff000
> So the last 12 bit of information are lost.

Thanks for the analysis. Indeed at least the 'sigsegv1' test will fail in this

Have you reported the problem to the linux-kernel mailing list, or to the
maintainers of the s390 part of Linux?

> Forcing libsigsegv to use 
> POSIX signal handlers othewise makes a library that passes all the tests
> apart from the exact fault location.

That sounds promising, if the kernel problem was fixed.

> Now I'm wondering of software depending on libsigsegv won't work on s390
> or maybe the correct page is still enough information for dependencies
> like clisp to work -- in that case a "fix" would be rather easy.

clisp (and probably other software too) will compile and work also when
the installed <sigsegv.h> file does not define HAVE_SIGSEGV_RECOVERY or
HAVE_STACK_OVERFLOW_RECOVERY. But the functionality will be a bit degraded.
For clisp, it means that generational GC will not be compiled into clisp
if HAVE_SIGSEGV_RECOVERY is not defined, and endless recursions may cause
a crash if HAVE_STACK_OVERFLOW_RECOVERY is not defined.

In memoriam Marie Politzer <http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marie_Politzer>

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