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Hello Christoph,

On 04/03/11 23:52, Christoph Egger wrote:
>     Jep that was the cause for my mail -- noticing you were doing
> something as well so I was trying to not duplicate work. Didn#t work
> perfectly unfortunately.

Well I could also have communicated more :). master.debian.org bouncing
my text email because it found a virus also did not help...

> Would be fine. I have experimented with disabling gengc on ia64 as
> bilding with that option enabled won't work -- removing it selectively
> would fix that. What's your opinion about that? That would be the head
> commit on the experimental branch.

That would be interesting to test. Often I do need to use the build
machines to test stuff like this. Did you try this on an ia64 machine?
Does the resulting binary work?

> Last question: What do you think about the v3 source formats, the dh7
> style minimal rules files? I know there are people with stronger opinion
> on that then me so I'll adopt to whatever the other people here would
> prefer.


In the past I really really hated quilt.

I thought that patches should be in git. But then you run into problem
that you forget that you did a patch and upstream is unaware. So I
wanted to keep patches in separate branches. That works fine until a new
upstream comes along, because then you should rebase the patch.

But you cannot rebase a branch that you pushed to a remote site...

So you get lost in a forest of branches.

quilt is easier to use, you just do 'quilt push -v -a' to see the
sources with all your patches, and you do 'quilt new <patch name>' to
start a new patch. 'quilt edit <filename>' to do the changes and then
you ask quilt to register the patch with 'quilt refresh'.

All in all this works nicely and should survive new upstream versions
better. Also we can label the patches with DEP3 so it becomes clear why
we have this patch and if we forwarded it upstream.

I will integrate your changes to ECL in my new branch and then I will
start working on sbcl.  But first I need to rebuild clisp...

I will send a separate 'sync' email when I'm finished before we destroy
the master branch and base that on the new quilted version.

Best regards, Peter

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