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Redesign of Common Lisp Controller


"Desmond O. Chang" <dochang at gmail.com>

> ASDF2 has been mature.  C-L-C is basically a thin wrapper now.  I plan
> to remove some redundant features from c-l-c and related packages.
> My goal is,
> * About system management
> This should be completely adopted by ASDF2, i.e.,
> - Move all config files to cl-asdf.
> - Remove clc-(un)register-user-package.

I think clc-(un)register-user-package is quite useful for
users to manage his own packages.

After c-l-c is removed, will $HOME/.clc still be used? Any 
replacement for clc-(un)register-user-package? 

asdf-install is good, but SBCL has its own asdf-install, and it 
puts all libraries in $HOME/.sbcl while other implementations don't,
I know that the locations can be customized, but to customize it
in every lisp implementations is really tedious.
Most libraries can work across implementations, so even though 
asdf-install is quite handy, I still prefer to manage libraries 
myself by c-l-c so that they can be shared between implementations.


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