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ITP: ccl - Clozure CL

Hi Darren,

On Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 03:16, Darren Hoo <darren.hoo at gmail.com> wrote:

> * URL ? ? ? ? ? ? : http://www.clozure.com/clozurecl.html

I think http://ccl.clozure.com/ provides more information.

> For now I have built the packages that can work with
> Common Lisp Controller setup ie, install-clc, remove-clc
> etc, but there are still several problems left to be
> solved.

Drop c-l-c integration.


> first, to build ccl there is a triple dependency between
> kernel, boot-image and full-image.A big full-image from
> upstream is needed to build from scratch.
> I am wondering how SBCL first got into Debian since it
> build-depends on SBCL itself. I have not found any way
> to cross compile ccl using SBCL, if that's possible then
> it is much easier.
> and second, there are some problems when I try to split
> the package into ccl and ccl-source , because ccl needs
> lisp source file to work properly.
> I'm currently working on this. Help is welcome.

Running CCL only requires the kernel and the full-image (and
tools/asdf.lisp if you want)

I think you can upload a binary package like 'ccl-bootstrap' and build
the real 'ccl' package using it.  Then use 'ccl' to build the next
version directly.  This would implement self-hosting.

NOTE, no need to put the compiled kernel and image file in the source
package.  CCL has different images on i386, ppc, amd64 and arm, they
are all too big!


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