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Debian sponsorship of cl-asdf

>> Note that as ASDF2 is getting to be available everywhere
>> (except for GCL, that seems to not be actively developed anymore),
>> c-l-c itself will hopefully soon become obsolete and no more needed.
>> One fewer maintenance hassle for you.
> Yes, I plan to rewrite or even delete c-l-c in December.
Wonderful. Note that before we get rid of c-l-c, there might be a need to
1- refresh the implementations in Debian to newer versions that sport ASDF 2.
2- patch those that don't include ASDF 2 (i.e. GCL) or otherwise
include ASDF as an add-on. Hopefully in a way that can make it
upstream when the maintainer wakes up.

Then, we can universally (require :asdf) to have asdf 2.

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