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Bug#568818: Verified, and workaround

Dear Fredrik,

note that ASDF has undergone massive surgery recently.
The functions that you note are present in the cl-asdf 2:1.502-1
currently in Debian, as Gary King imported ASDF-Binary-Locations into
ASDF (which was generally considered an improvement upon its existence
as a hard-to-configure add-on you had to download and install
separately). But they were removed in further versions of ASDF like
the current 1.606 release, as ASDF-Binary-Locations was replaced by a
ASDF-Output-Translations, a new system that is easier and simpler to
configure, and that further versions of Common-Lisp-Controller will
use, at which point you can use the magic function

I apologize for the breakage.

Peter, can you update C-L-C to use the new ASDF? I think the API of
AOT is stable now.

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