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Bug#560781: (require :package) no longer works for CLC-managed packages

> I guess my ideal debian lisp integration would be:
> $ apt-get install sbcl cl-cffi
> -> I have actual FASL files on disk that sbcl can use, so that
> (require :cffi) just has to load them: no compilation necessary.
> But since that seems infeasible, second best would be:
> Works like today, where it gets compiled separately for every user, unless
> admin first runs a shell command like:
> $ clc-precompile sbcl cl-cffi
> At which point, the fasls are compiled for sbcl and usable by all users. An
> upgrade of cl-cffi would have to make sure to delete that cache, so that the
> per-user cache can be populated for the new version.
> But anyways, this is all incremental improvements. What's most important to
> me is that, by default, without additional configuration, installing sbcl
> and the cl-cffi packages actually makes cffi usable, in the normal way
> (require :cffi), on the system sbcl.
If ASDF-BINARY-LOCATIONS had a /etc/common-lisp/asdf-binary-locations.conf
that itself included a file /var/common-lisp/clc-binary-locations.conf
then the latter file could get updated to point binaries for CLC
packages either to
for specific precompiled packages or to
by default (or perhaps even ~/.cache/common-lisp/...).

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