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Bug#560781: (require :package) no longer works for CLC-managed packages

On Jan 12, 2010, at 11:10 AM, Peter Van Eynde wrote:

> Hello James,
> Just FYI I've started working on CLC v7 where this will be a system- 
> wide
> setting overrideable with a user-specific configuration file.

Thanks for the info.

I'd still like to hear if you have any more specifics about the  
problem with CLBuild, though.

And if the CLC v7 work isn't going to be complete in time for the next  
Debian release, I'd like to make a humble suggestion that the change  
in 6.19 be reverted, and system-wide packages be put back in the  
default ASDF paths.

(Especially if the change was done due to rumors of a problem with  
CLBuild, rather than an actual problem. Some people seem to think CLC  
still has a daemon for compiling stuff like it did in 2003...)


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