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Bug#560781: (require :package) no longer works for CLC-managed packages

Package: common-lisp-controller
Version: 6.19

When I upgraded CLC from 6.17 to 6.20, neither
(require 'cffi)
(asdf:oos 'asdf:compile-op :cffi)
work anymore, even though the cl-cffi package is installed. 

Looking at the changelog, it seems like this was an intentional change in 6.19,
"Make clc only active in clc calls. This should increase the compatibility with clbuild and friends"

But I don't really understand what the intended usage is now? So it's compatible with clbuild...by not working by itself anymore? I don't get it. Am I expected to have to explicitly call clc:clc-require now?

I kinda feel like I must be missing something obvious, since nobody else has reported this bug yet.

If this was intentional, and it is required that I call clc:clc-require, it is really quite unfortunate, as it means the debian packaged lisp software no longer works normally like custom-installed asdf packages do...and I'm not about to change all my locally-installed packages to call clc-require...so this makes the debian CL-* packages seem basically useless and broken.

At the very least, the documentation needs updating if things are going to stay this way, since it still says:
> - a user wants to use a system-wide library.
>   (asdf:oos 'asdf:compile-op :<library>)
>   will load the system at
>   /usr/share/common-lisp/systems/<library>.asd
>   that will use the source at 
>   /usr/share/common-lisp/source/<library>
>   fasls will be placed in 
>   /var/cache/common-lisp-controller/<userid>/<implementation>/<library>/

And that's not the case....

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