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pan pan pan

Milan Zamazal <pdm at debian.org> writes:

>     RS> I don't think that debian packages are a waste of time. 
> It is not, the problem is who will do the work.  I definitely prefer a
> small set of well working core CL packages over hundreds of obsolete CL
> packages in a poorly maintained state.

Well, I'm very happy to do anything that a non-DD is allowed to do. And
it seems that there are other people offering to help, so unofficial
manpower doesn't seem to be the biggest problem.

But I agree that hundreds of obsolete CL packages don't help
anyone. Maybe a useful thing to do (in this thread?) is try to list a
few tens of high-priority libraries/packages. Is there still a Debian CL
team? Or at least somewhere to put some sort of status table or
something? It'd be cool to be able to have a (wiki-based?) "freshness"
chart, where a list of the important packages, along with their last
upstream version would give some idea of what needed doing.

> Yes, I've got a similar experience with something else.  Debian can help
> here only if 1. upstream (including the used libraries) acts reasonably
> with respect to releases, 2. the Debian maintainers have enough time to

Hmm, so as I said (somewhere in this thread), quite a few lisp libraries
don't have "proper" releases, or the official releases lag so far behind
the scm that they're pretty much irrelevant.

What's the debian policy on packaging that sort of software?

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